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Dream Team Momentum

Like yesterday, what I explained is related to building trust in forming a Dream Team. In order to ensure the survival of the Dream Team or the team's Momentum, you must also identify what the Motivators and Demotivators are for your Dream Team.

Mention about Demotivators, I remembered the news I just read earlier this morning that the word 'De'-influencing has become one of the top 5 most popular words in the oxford dictionary for the year 2023.

Similarly, the word Demotivators, although not in the Top 5, is one of the words commonly used to refer to the weakness of a group in discussions about project management around the world.

A team is motivated because they can make positive progress. Being natural, a person will be motivated when what he does produces even a small result. So, as a project or team manager, you need to play a role with a focus on encouraging them to keep moving forward.

Usually, what a project or team manager will always think about, certainly cash remuneration is one of the contributors to the team's motivation. In fact, this kind of remuneration seems to make your team a playing field, on the other hand if you manage it correctly, besides being able to save costs, you can also produce a team that really becomes your 'Dream Team'. (Amabile, Kramer 2011, 10)

7 motivations that can build the momentum of your Dream Team:

  • Purpose - team members need to feel the overall purpose and meaning of each task, work or project. At the macro level, it needs to be aligned with the organization's strategy and also sometimes needs to be aligned with the careers and goals of individuals in the team.

  • Clear PM (Performance Metric) - You can create a simple team evaluation system through certain good/bad characteristics or a score of 1-5 etc.

  • Right People - Humans are not like machines, they do not have the same specifications to do the same thing. Instead have different skills. Try to give tasks that are in line with the individual's career and goals.

  • Encouragement - You need to encourage members' aspirations to move forward to achieve their dreams over time.

  • Sailboat Rules - When the sails are raised, you are ready to listen to the instructions of the captain, who is responsible for the welfare of each member on board and do not be offended if he is not friendly. And members, don't take things personally, put your ego aside, let it go for the good of the team. When you start a big project, explain to your team that you use Sailboat Rules communication.

  • Mentorship - Encourage your team to get mentors from more experienced people. You don't have to be part of the project.

  • Consistency - Team morale will drop when an initiative is abandoned many times. You need to follow-up gaps in the project, where things cannot be resolved.

2 Demotivators that weaken the momentum of your Dream Team.

  • Unrealistic Expectations - Beware of managers who do impossible projects. This will demoralize the team, as the goal is difficult to achieve.

  • Ineffective Accountability - Team members always observe the manager's movements in managing something. If the manager fails, the team will weaken and start making mistakes. You can ask the team, what can we do to get back on track?

For me, as the manager of Dream Team CHROMIUM, in carrying out a project that is usually in the form of an event, there are many times when I ask back to the team that has skills in their respective fields about what is right and what is not, what can be corrected either premortem and also during the event.

In order not to disrupt the momentum of the team, I let the client's burdens and complaints go through me and not directly to my team. However, there are also leaks and I always pay attention and improve them from time to time in terms of updated systems and work mechanisms.

So, through the concept of Motivators and Demotivators introduced by John Nelson, who is an experienced executive, consultant, engineer and project manager, lessons can be learned for us to further improve our shortcomings and knowledge in ensuring the continuity of our Dream Team Momentum 

Mohd Najib B. Mohd Zaki

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