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We are Nationwide Event Supplier for Peninsular Malaysia. Become an event company since 2013. Got almost 100 expertise in any field of events, include technical team, talents & Multimedia.

PA System Rentals

Explore our extensive range of PA system setups, featuring conference systems, concert setups, and more. Choose the perfect audio solution for your event and elevate the sound experience to new heights.

Dazzling Lighting System and LED Screen Rentals

Elevate your event with our dazzling lighting setups and state-of-the-art LED screen rentals. Create an unforgettable atmosphere with our impressive array of visual enhancements.

Comprehensive Event Rental Services

Discover our extensive event rentals – stages, shell schemes, marquee tents, launching gimmicks, stage effects, draping, and more. We offer high-quality, customizable solutions for exceptional occasions tailored to your needs.

Versatile Talent and Photography/Videography Services

Explore our talent-rich team for event needs. From precise photo and videography to features like MCP Live Feed and Jib Crane, trust us to make your occasion memorable with creativity and expertise.

Recent Services Updates

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Sewa PA System, Lighting, LED Screen, Gimmick, MCP, Talent, Artist dan pelbagai lagi.
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Meet The Team

Our nationwide operation team with their specialty.

Joe Simfoni

Joe Simfoni



Sound Engineer
Jepp Jojo

Jepp Jojo

Talent Manager