Summary about Why an Event Need A Sound Engineer? - CHROMe FLOW Podcast

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  • Introduction to Chrome Enterprise's event production services
  • Team members' expertise and experience in event production and sound engineering
  • Fazli's extensive background and expertise in live band setups and sound management
  • Fazli's accomplishments in handling sound for events with renowned artists and influencers
  • Insights into challenges faced in the event industry and ensuring customer satisfaction with high-quality sound


Introduction and greetings to the audience. The speaker introduces the session, the team, and the services provided by Chrome Enterprise.

Services Offered

Explanation of the event production services offered, including audiovisual, lighting, and stage services, highlighting the coverage area across Malaysia.

Introduction of Team Members

Introduction of team members, including Mohamad Najib binMohamad Zaki, as event production planner and coordinator at Chrome Enterprise. Other team members are also mentioned, emphasizing their expertise and experience in the field of event production.

Experience of Fazli

Discussion about Fazli's background and experience as a sound engineer. The speaker talks about Fazli's involvement in the live band and event industry since 2001.

Specialized Sound Engineering

Details about Fazli's expertise in sound engineering, including his skills in live band setups, music arrangement, and his involvement in music events since 2001.

Event Sound Management

Explanation of Fazli's role in event sound management, highlighting his expertise in live band setups, sound control, and arrangement of music for various events.

Customer Satisfaction

Discussion on Fazli's achievements and customer satisfaction in the event and music industry. The speaker mentions Fazli's expertise in handling sound management for events involving renowned artists and influencers.

Challenges and Solutions

Insights into the challenges faced in the event industry, including managing audio systems, resolving technical issues, and ensuring customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality sound and performance.